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  • 67 - Lebensmitteltechnologie

Food Additives, Flavoring

Regulation of the Chairman of NADFC RI No.22 of 2016 on The Requirement for The Use of Flavorings (63 pages, in Indonesian)

This regulation specified the requirements for the use of flavorings as food additives in processed food, i.e.:

•  Flavorings are classified as natural flavoring, identical natural flavoring and artificial flavoring. This classification is based on the source and the process of flavoring production. For the labelling purposes, the identical natural flavoring must be stated in the label as artificial flavoring;

•  The material of allowed flavoring substances are listed in Annex I. For any other flavorings used that are not listed in Annex I, it should obtain approval from The Chairman of NAFDC;

•  The list of maximum bioactive substances in flavoring are listed in Annex II;

•  The substance of allowed flavoring adjunctions are listed in Annex III;

•  The list of maximum residues for extraction solvent flavoring in food products are stated in Annex IV;

•  The list of allowed flavorings to be used in growth formula are stated in Annex V;

•  The list of allowed flavoring to be used in complementary foods for infants and young children are stated in Annex VI;

•  The flavoring and related processed food containing flavoring which has obtained marketing approval from The Chairman of NAFDC must be adjusted no later than 12 months from the date stipulated;

•  The flavoring and related processed food containing flavoring which has been submitted before the prevailing of this regulation will be processed based on Indonesia National Standard (SNI) regarding Flavorings.