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  • 22 - Getränke, alkoholische Flüssigkeiten und Essig
Cider 22.06.00

Proyecto de Real Decreto por el que se establece la norma de calidad de las diferentes categorías de la sidra natural y de la sidra (Draft Royal Decree establishing the quality standard for the different categories of natural cider and cider) (11 pages, in Spanish)

The notified draft text establishes the quality standard for different categories of natural cider and cider produced and sold in Spain, without prejudice to the mutual recognition clause.

It responds to the need to update food quality standards within Spain's cider sector. The standard includes new products already on the market but not previously defined, and updates the definitions of existing products. It also updates the applicable analytical methods to take account of technological advances.

The main aspects covered are the following: the inclusion of new products in line with the market situation; and the updating of compositional requirements, requirements concerning the food information provided to consumers (including the legal appellation), and the analytical methods applicable to these products.

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