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  • 75 - Erdöl u. zugehörige Technologien
  • 27 - Mineralische Brennstoffe, Mineralöle und Erzeugnisse ihrer Destillation; bituminöse Stoffe; Mineralwachse

Gasoline for motor vehicles; Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, other than crude; preparations not elsewhere specified or included, containing by weight 70% or more of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals, these oils being the basic constituents of the preparations; waste oils. (HS 2710) Liquid fuels (ICS 75.160.20)

National Standard of the P.R.C., Gasoline for Motor Vehicles (14 pages, in Chinese)

The document specifies the requirements on gasoline for motor vehicles, covering terms and definitions, product classification, technical requirements and test methods, sampling, logo, packaging, transportation and storage, safety, as well as the implementation of the standard.