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Cables (ICS 29.060.20)

BOS 589-2:2014, Electric cables with extruded solid dielectric insulation for fixed installations (300/500 V to 1 900/3 300 V) - Part 2: Wiring cable - Specification (15 pages, in English)

This part of FDS 589 covers the requirements for construction, materials, dimensions and electric properties of unarmoured single-core and multicore extruded solid dielectric insulated cables with rated operating voltages (U0 /U) of 300/500 V and 600/1 000 V, up to and including a conductor cross-sectional area of 16 mm2 for use in fixed installations.

This part of FDS 589 also covers the following specific types of cables:

a.  insulated wire (600/1 000 V);

b.  multicore flat and circular sheathed cables (300/500 V);

c.  single-core unsheathed panel/cubicle cables (300/500 V); and

d.  multicore round cables with aluminium/PVC laminate and an earth continuity conductor (300/500 V) .

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