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  • 28 - Anorganische chemische Erzeugnisse; anorganische oder organische Verbindungen von Edelmetallen, radioaktiven Elementen, Seltenerdmetallen oder Isotopen
  • 29 - Organische chemische Erzeugnisse
  • 33 - Etherische Öle und Resinoide; zubereitete Riechstoffe, Körperpflege- und Schönheitsmittel
Cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients, including (but not limited to) those contained in HS Chapters 28, 29 and 33.
Ban on the testing of cosmetics on animals in Australia - Background Paper (8 pages, in English)

The Australian Government has committed to a ban on testing cosmetics on animals, and is investigating changes to existing requirements as part of developing options for implementation. This involves a process of broad consultation and policy design.

Information about the consultation process can be found on the Department of Health website:

The package contains a paper which sets out background and contextual information and provides an overview of the regulation of cosmetics in Australia. The background paper does not provide a comprehensive analysis of the issue or put forward policy options.

Australia welcomes views and contributions from trading partners in the consultation process.