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Decree updating the new technical standards for buildings

The first of the three articles in the notified draft approves the updated text of the technical standards for buildings; this text is attached and forms an integral part of the decree. The new standards replace those approved by the Ministerial Decree of 14 January 2008.

Article 2 states the duration of the transitional period, following the entry into force of the revised technical standards, during which the existing technical standards may continue to apply to ongoing public or public utility works, already awarded public works contracts, already awarded works with final designs and working drawings and specifications, as well as private works whose structural works are ongoing or for which the working drawings and specifications have already been submitted to the competent offices.

Article 3 states that the technical standards approved by the decree shall enter into force 30 days following its publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic.

The annex contains 12 chapters regarding specifications for the following:

1.- Subject

2.- Safety and services to be provided

3.- Actions on buildings

4.- Civil and industrial buildings

5.- Bridges

6.- Geotechnical design

7.- Design for seismic actions

8.- Existing buildings

9.- Static testing

10.- Preparation of structural building plans and calculations

11.- Materials and products for structural use

12.- Technical references.