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Packaging waste: Plastic carrier bags in retail outlets

Draft Decree of the Walloon Government on plastic carrier bags

Draft Decree concerning restrictions on the use of plastic carrier bags at points of sale.

The notified provision supplements the provisions already adopted by Decree and includes the following elements:

- the postponement of the entry into force of the ban on the use of single-use plastic carrier bags to 1 December 2017, in order to enable the stocks of bags to be used up;

- the definitions: single-use plastic carrier bag, reusable bag, biosourced material content, biosourced material;

- by way of derogation from the Decree, the staggering of the entry into force of the ban on the use of plastic bags other than carrier bags for certain food products, as well as for the packaging of plants and aquatic animals;

- the admission, for certain applications, of bags with biosourced material content;

- the obligation for retailers to provide information on the measures taken to promote variants of plastic carrier bags, and on the appropriate end-of-life management methods for plastic carrier bags.