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The Building Regulations provide for the health, safety, welfare and convenience of those in and around buildings and the sustainability of buildings for current and future generations. In order to do this they set standards through both technical and procedural requirements for those carrying out building work. Therefore this notification has relevance for services including design and construction services for controlled building works and related construction products.

Building Regulations Wales Sustainability Review

The Building Regulations control certain types of building work and ensure that buildings meet certain standards of health safety welfare convenience and sustainability. We want to improve the aspects of sustainability of buildings in Wales through the Building Regulations.

In July 2014 the Sustainable Buildings national planning policy and related TAN22(Technical Advice Note) guidance was withdrawn. The stated intention was that we would look at incorporating the key non energy elements of the Code for Sustainable Homes/BREEAM into the Building Regulations. The subsequent review identified a number of components as having potential for incorporation into Building Regulations.

The selected areas identified as having potential for inclusion in Building Regulations were:

• Materials: sourcing, and life cycle impact;

• Acoustic performance;

• Information provision to the end user;

• Water efficiency

• Residential Security;

Following discussion with technical working parties and conclusions reached, not all have resulted in proposals for change within the consultation.

This consultation contains Building Regulation proposals for:

•changes to Part G (Sanitation Hot Water Safety and Water
Efficiency) and the associated guidance (Approved Document G) to
incorporate further water efficiency measures.

•the introduction of Part Q - Residential Security Part Q
(Unauthorised access) and new associated guidance (Approved Document Q).

•non mandatory guidance on the content and presentation of information to householder for new dwellings.