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Player protection, Gambling, Games of chance, Card games, Gaming devices, Gaming machines.

Regulation of the Minister for Development and Finance on the manner and scope of storing data relating to the operation of online gambling

The regulation defines the manner of storing data and the scope of data subject to storage relating to the operation of online gambling.

In accordance with the draft, the registration system should permit
the storage of data relating to the operation of online gambling:

1) relating to the course and outcome of games;

2) relating to the performance of transactions relating to games;

3) relating to financial flow stemming from participation in games assigned to given participants;

4) necessary to identify a games participant;

5) relating to the functioning of storage devices.

The draft regulation specifies that the archiving system should provide the relevant inspection body with access to the data. It will be possible to access the data for at least 5 years from the end of the year in which the storage operations took place. The searching, sorting, filtering, viewing and printing of data will be guaranteed, as well as copying and remote access from the site of the authority. It will be possible to collect data in a structured form, permitting later analysis.