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Biological agents


Handling of high-risk biological agents and toxins

Handling of risky biological agents and toxins

Carriage of biological agents and toxins

Draft Act amending Act No 281/2002 on certain measures related to the prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on amendments to the Trading Act, as amended

The draft amendment to Act No 281/2002 comprises, in particular:

- adapting the definitions of legal terms,

- refining and clarifying certain legal requirements for the handling of biological agents and toxins,

- legislative and technical amendments in response to the latest developments in law-making,

- introducing the concept of security of biological agents and toxins, and

- new provisions regarding administrative sanctioning.

The draft does not contain any references to standards or technical regulations.

The existing Act No 281/2002 (uploaded to the Tris v2 database as the BASIC ACT) contained a reference in § 2(f) to standard ČSN EN 12128 Biotechnology - Laboratories for research, development and analysis - Containment levels of microbiology laboratories, areas of risk, localities and physical safety requirements. However, this reference is deleted in the amendment.


biological weapons, bacteriological weapons, toxin weapons, biological agents, toxins, diagnostic kit, professional representative, security, carriage, workplaces