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Personal identity cards, electronic proof of identity, identification services, authorisations, authorisation certificates
Act promoting electronic proof of identity

1. Promotion of the eID function for personal ID cards/electronic residence permits

• Automatic and permanent activation of the eID function for each newly issued ID card (§ 10 PAuswG-E)

• Simplification of the procedure for obtaining an authorisation certificate (§ 21 PAuswG-E)

2. Extension of the potential applications for personal ID cards

• Reading ID cards on-site without a PIN (§§ 18a, 21a PAuswG-E)

• Facilitation and regulation of identification services using the eID (§§ 2(3a), (19a), (21b) PAuswG-E)

3. Adjusting the Act to the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 910/2014)

• Public bodies of other Member States are entitled to request data using the eID function (§ 21(7) PAuswG-E)

4. Other key points

• First-time regulation of the copying/scanning of personal ID cards and passports

(§ 20(2) PAuswG-E)