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Category C liquid fuel pumps - related components

Draft ministerial decree on the ‘Approval of the technical regulation on fire prevention for the installation and operation of Category C liquid fuel pumps for private dispensing’.

The notified draft decree governs the fire prevention requirements for aboveground Category C liquid fuel pumps for private use, of a geometric capacity of not more than nine cubic metres, repealing the related provisions issued previously (Article 5(4) of the Decree of 26/01/2006 - Notification 2003/275/I).

The text consists of six articles and an annex; the articles lay down the following:

- Article 1: Defines the field of application of the decree;

- Article 2: Establishes the objectives pursued;

- Article 3: Approves the annexed technical regulation;

- Article 4: Establishes the application of the decree provisions to both newly installed and existing pumps, with the exception of the cases identified in the same article;

- Article 5: Provides the methods and conditions of use of fire prevention products.

- Article 6: Repeals previous fire prevention provisions and establishes the entry into force of the decree on the thirtieth day following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic.

The annex "Technical fire prevention regulation" contains technical specifications and other requirements related to fuel pumps and their installation.