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Ordinance regulating the automated information procedure pursuant to § 112 of the Telecommunications Act

This Ordinance governs

1. the key requirements for technical procedures

a) for transmitting requests to the Federal Network Agency,

b) for data retrieval by the Federal Network Agency from obligated parties including the data

types to be used for the inquiry and

c) for transmitting the retrieval results from the Federal Network Agency to the requesting


2. the security requirements to be observed,

3. for retrieval using incomplete inquiry data and for searches using a similar function

a) the minimum requirements for the scope of the data to be entered to identify the person

requested as accurately as possible,

b) the symbols to be used in the inquiry,

c) requirements for the use of linguistic procedures to ensure that different spellings of the

name of a person, road or place and deviations resulting from the interchange, omission or

addition of parts of a name are incorporated in the search and the search result,

d) the permissible amount of response data sets to be transmitted to the Federal Network Agency.

4. who, in derogation of paragraph 1 sentence 1, is not required to retain customer files for the

automated information procedure; in these cases, § 111(1) sentence 7 applies accordingly.

Ordinance on the disclosure of customer data [KDAV]

The draft Ordinance essentially contains the basic requirements for conducting the automated information procedure, in particular provisions on setting up a secure technical procedure on the security requirements to be observed, on the possible types of request, on the data fields permitted for a request, on the use of wildcards, on the use of phonetic searches, on the data to be disclosed by obligated parties, and on the maximum amount of data sets that can be transmitted to the Federal Network Agency.