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Changing how we regulate trade in certain captive-bred birds in England and Wales


The Ringing of Certain Captive-bred Birds (England and Wales) Regulations 2017

Trade in certain captive-bred birds is regulated in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and Statutory Instrument The Wildlife and Countryside (Ringing of Certain Birds) Regulations 1982 (SI 1982/1220)

The new proposed regime sets out the changes (to include new proposed legislation) the UK intends to implement.

These are:-

• Make new regulations for the purpose of section 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 so that live captive-bred birds of species listed in Part I of Schedule 3 may be traded provided they are ringed in accordance with a proposed new minimum ringing standard. The regulations will specify requirements for British-bred birds, such as maximum ring sizes and authorised suppliers;

• Ensure that General Licences permit trade in birds of other species if they are ringed in accordance with the proposed new minimum ringing standard; and

• Remove the requirement to provide documentary evidence of captive breeding from the relevant General Licences permitting trade in live captive bred birds in England and Wales.

• Specifies maximum ring sizes to reflect the interim ring sizes currently being used by the International Ornithological Association (IOA) and the British Bird Council (BBC) (in line with the approach agreed with the then Department of the Environment in 1993) for Part I of Schedule 3 species.