AT Österreich
  • B00 - BAUWESEN

Buildings and structures as well as machines and devices, combustion plants, and air-conditioning systems connected with the construction; test of preconditions and approval for their construction, erection and modification.

Amendment to the Lower Austria Building Code 2014 [NÖ BO 2014]

Further development of various topics such as:

Restructuring of the obligations for authorisation, notification and reporting, as well as the free projects not subject to authorisation in the sense of optimisation; clarifications relating to the definition of terms (e.g. wall); legal measures for simplification and acceleration of procedures (elimination of building negotiations, clear rules of procedure for notification to neighbours); new regulations for the authorisation obligation for changes in level on building sites in conjunction with the introduction of a reference level as the starting point for the revised calculation of building heights; development of practice-based regulations for the external design of structures (‘local character’), adjustment to various revisions as part of the Lower Austria Regional Planning Act 2014 (taking account of construction land apportionment in the context of building site valuation and supplementary taxation rules, recognition of location-dependent charges made, specification of the number of required parking places deviating from the Lower Austria Construction Technology Ordinance 2014).

Prohibition of the new installation of heating furnaces for central heating systems using liquid and solid fossil fuels and the obligation to equip more obligatory parking places for motor vehicles with charging points.