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Hen eggs to be eaten fresh

Draft decree recognising the ‘Egg + Quality grain’ National Animal Husbandry Quality Scheme

The draft consists of a single article and one annex. This decree recognises the production rules for ‘Egg + Quality grain’ laid down by the Poultry and Rabbit Producer Association (ASSOAVI), and guarantees the right of access to all producers with a legitimate interest, system transparency and traceability at all envisaged stages of production.

The rules forming an integral part of the decree lay down the following in four articles:

1. - the specific requirements of breeding farms that adhere to the rules;

2. - the scope of the rules concerns the laying period of hens reared to produce eggs for consumption, and includes some requirements and specifications for some phases of activity carried out by other operators or in different farms (mill feed, egg sorting and packing centre, etc.);

3. - breeding management types and techniques: breeding requirements, feeding techniques, choice of animals, requirements for production facilities and plants, processing, storage and packing of eggs; aspects of traceability and registration of eggs, self-monitoring, shell marking, product labelling and the time between laying and marketing;

4. - the obligations of farms, as regards production, selection and packing, intending to produce and market the eggs identified by the name and brand established pursuant to Article 12 of Ministerial Decree No 4337 of 4 March 2011.