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  • V10T - Funkschnittstelle

The draft concerns radio interfaces A01-01 to A01-05 for analogue Private Mobile Radio (PMR), A02-01 to A02-05 for digital PMR, A03-01 to A03-09 for on-site paging systems, A04-01 to A04-03 for networks with shared resources and A05-01 to A05-03 for equipment for alarms and motion detectors.

Radio interfaces A01-01 to A01-05, A02-01 to A02-05, A03-01 to A03-09, A04-01 to A04-03 and A05-01 to A05-03

These radio interfaces contain details on the frequency plan and the description of the minimum technical requirements for radio communication devices in connection with efficient use of the radio spectrum.