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Beef sector

Draft decree recognising the ‘Podolian pasture-raised cattle’ National Animal Husbandry Quality Scheme

The draft consists of a single article and one annex. This decree
recognises the production rules for ‘Podolian pasture-raised cattle’
laid down by the Consortium of Producers of High-Quality Italian Beef
[C.C.B.I], and guarantees the right of access to all producers with a
legitimate interest, system transparency and traceability at all
envisaged stages of production.

The rules forming an integral part of the decree lay down the following in eight articles:

1. - that the designation ‘Podolian pasture-raised cattle’ is
reserved for meat produced by breeding that meets the conditions and
requirements set out in the rules;

2. - that all operators within the EU that comply with the
described production method and undergo the checks provided for by the
rules may join the ‘Podolian pasture-raised cattle’ National Animal
Husbandry Quality Scheme;

3. - breed and requirements for ‘Podolian pasture-raised cattle’;

4. - breeding management types and techniques to be used;

5. - feeding techniques;

6. - procedures for animals identification and the traceability of meat from the breeding site to the point of sale;

7. - information to be included on labels for the identification
and traceability of the National Animal Husbandry Quality Scheme product
‘Podolian pasture-raised cattle’;

8. - methods for conducting inspections and self-inspections, and
the responsibility of operators in the sector and of the entity
proposing the rules.