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Measuring instruments subject to legal metrological control

Regulation of the Minister for Development and Finance on the legal metrological control of measuring instruments

The Regulation lays down:

1) the manner of submitting measuring instruments for legal metrological control; particularly the details that should be included in the application for its performance and the types of documents to be attached to the application,

2) the detailed manner of performing legal metrological control, including cases in which initial verification may be carried out by way of the statistical method and the manner of its performance,

3) verification certificates issued for specific types of measuring instruments,

4) the periods of validity of verifications for specific types of measuring instruments and dates by which measuring instruments placed on the market or brought into service following a conformity assessment should be submitted for re-verification,

5) the templates for:

a) type-approval decisions and verification certificates, bearing in mind the need to include necessary information in these documents,

b) type-approval marks, verification hallmarks and security hallmarks, specifying their shape and dimensions.